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Victorian tile restoration and reproduction 

At York Victorian Tilers, we provide a full heritage tiling service including restoration, survey, and design by fully qualified and experienced craftsmen. We have restored tiled floors in buildings as diverse as private homes as well as churches, including one of the largest gothic churches in Europe, York Minster. We only employ traditional building techniques and source the correct materials for any work we carry out.

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Victorian tile restoration

Do you have a Victorian tiled floor which needs restoring? Over time tiles become loose, discoloured, cracked or chipped. Sometimes they have been painted over or lay hidden and forgotten under carpets. Many new homeowners have discovered to their delight a genuine Victorian tiled floor after having lifted an old carpet or removed a later wood floor in the hallway of their new home.


That feeling of delight can often give way to despair at the state of the tiles. On the face of it those dirty, chipped and broken geometric or encaustic tiles may seem beyond saving. And it’s certainly one of those situations where a quick Google search does not produce the results you need. 


Cleaning, repairing and restoring Victorian tiling is a very specialised undertaking, one requiring experienced craftsmen who know exactly what they are doing. Please don’t attempt to restore Victorian tiles yourself. We have more than 30 years’ experience in Victorian tile restoration and will be able to bring your floor back to its original and wonderfully colourful state.


Victorian tile reproduction

Whether we are reproducing tiles for existing floors or creating tiles for a new replica floor, all the tiles we use are hand- made in the traditional manner using age-old techniques. We commission all our reproduction Victorian tiles from a company which has been hand-making tiles since 1872 and are based in the UK.

Making reproduction tiles may involve casting a mould from an existing tile or sculpting a mould from scratch. Either way you know your new tile will be hand-made by craftsmen using the same tools and materials that the Victorians used.


Tiling materials

As well as traditional encaustic tiles, we work with other authentic and time-tested materials including terracotta, limestone and stone mosaic tiles. 


Whether we’re restoring a tiled floor in a place of worship or installing a replica Victorian floor or wall in the hallway of a private home, we use only the best and most authentic materials acquired from our many unique contacts in the heritage industry.

Heritage tiling services

As an experienced and fully qualified heritage tiling company we provide a range of services to complement our restoration and reproduction skills to ensure your flooring project is a complete success.


Costs and your budget

We understand that before you take on any project, you will want to know how much it will cost. Unfortunately, every project is different so we can’t put prices on our website. But we can guarantee that you will not only receive the very best advice, service and results from us but that we will make sure your project is completed to the timescale and budget we agree before work commences. 


If you need any information or advice regarding Victorian tile restoration or reproduction flooring you can call York Victorian Tilers on 07799 337 444 and we will be happy to talk through your options.


Remember we are a qualified heritage tiling company and have decades of experience in Victorian tile restoration. We will be able to advise you, no matter whether your project involves a small hallway or a cathedral floor.



We will work with you right throughout the scope of the project; planning, budgeting, design, installation and on-going maintenance. We have worked on all types of heritage tiling projects from replica floors in private homes to restoring encaustic tiles in the biggest cathedrals. 


Whatever your project, and no matter what stage you’re at, call us on 07799 337 444 for an informal no-obligation chat. We are passionate about our craft and will be able to give you the best advice on how to complete your project within the budget you have available.

Surveying service

Unfortunately restoring Victorian floor or wall tiles isn’t always straightforward. There may be structural issues with the floor or wall which need to be assessed and addressed before any restoration work can begin.


However, we provide a full survey service in which we will inspect the floor and evaluate any issues there may be. We will provide you with a written report with recommendations on how to tackle the issues (if any) we identify. 


If your tiling project involves a listed  building, we strongly recommend an initial survey to ensure there are no unexpected delays and that everything runs smoothly.





Contemporary and Victorian tile design

Encaustic and geometric tiles are beautiful things and when laid onto a floor they provide a colourful and incredibly attractive feature that is durable and easy to maintain. If you want a replica tiled floor or wall, we provide a bespoke design service. We will give you advice on what design and colour of tiles would have been used in your property at the time it was built. Whether that be a 1920s mews, Victorian town house or a contemporary build we can design and install a tiled floor that will be perfectly in keeping with the character of your home.


Planning permission

Tile restoration in listed properties will require planning permission. Don’t be phased by this. We are familiar with the planning permission process and are fully experienced in dealing with local authorities. We will organise everything from making the initial application to seeing it through to permission being granted. This will ensure your project runs smoothly and to the timescale and budget you expect.

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